Dibar Fast Food

Company name: Dibar Fast Food
Scope of assessment: Prepare and cook food (Pachini, Doner, fried chicken, wings chicken, drumstick, French fries)
Country: IRAN
1-Standard: ISO 9001:2015
Certificate number: QM08161293
2-Standard: ISO 10004:2012
Certificate number: QM08161295
3-Standard: ISO 10002:2014
Certificate number: QM08161294
4-Standard: ISO 10668:2010
Certificate number: QM08161296
5-Standard: ISO 22000:2005
Certificate number: FS08161036
6-Standard: HACCP
Certificate number: FS08161037

Certificate Issue Date: 8/28/2016
Certificate Expire Date: 8/28/2019